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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Here are entered musical compositions. General works about opera are entered under the heading: Opera. Variant forms: Burlettas, Comic operas , Intermezzos (Operas), Light operas, Opera buffas, Opera serias, OpeĢras comiques, Operettas, Puppet operas, Singspiels.

Found in 117 Collections and/or Records:

The Marriage of Figaro, 1952 July

Identifier: M123.02.0395.0017.00002
Abstract Program from the Central City Opera House Association's 1952 production of "The Marriage of Figaro." Cast includes: Virginia Mac Watters (Susanna), James Pease and Michael Bondon (Figaro), Elinor Warren (Marcellina), Chester Watson (Don Bartolo), Frances Bible (Cherubino), Frank Valentino (Count Almaviva), Luigi Vellucci (Don Basilio), Anne Bollinger and Jean Gibbons (Countess Almaviva), Algerd Brazis (Antonio), Charles Post (Don Curzio), Helen...
Dates: 1952 July

The Merry Widow, August 1933

Identifier: M123.02.0395.0002.00001
Abstract Autographed program for "The Merry Widow" presented by the Central City Opera House Association under the direction of Robert Edmond Jones. The program has been autographed by all actors and some staff.Cast includes: Frederic Worlock (Baron Popoff), Gladys Swarthout (Natalie), Richard Bonelli (Prince Danilo), Natalie Hall (Sonia Sodoya), Ernest McChesney (Vicomte Camille de Jolidon), John Wildgen (Marquis De Cascada), Bartlett Robinson (M. Khadja), Ian Wolfe (General Nova...
Dates: August 1933

The Merry Wives of Windsor, 1953 July

Identifier: M123.02.0395.0018.00002
Abstract Program from the Central City Opera House Association's 1953 production of "The Merry Wives of Windsor." Cast includes: Virgina MacWatters (Mrs. Ford), Edith Evans and Gloria Lane (Mrs. Page), Leon Lishner (Mr. Page), Karl Brock (Slender), Hugh Thompson (Mr. Ford), Emile Renan and Kenneth Smith (Dr. Caius), David Lloyd (Fenton), Dezso Ernster (Sir John Falstaff), Shirley Russell (Anna Page), Werner Graf (Host of the Garter Inn), Jacquelynne Moody...
Dates: 1953 July

The Play's the Thing, 1948 July-August

Identifier: M123.02.0395.0013.00003
Abstract Program from the Central City Opera House Association production of "The Play's the Thing" from 1948.Cast includes: Richard Hylton (Albert Adam), Louis Calhern (Sandor Turai), Ernest Cossart (Mansky), Frances Compton (Johann Dwornitschek), Faye Emreson (Ilona Szabo), Arthur Margetson (Almady), Claud Allister (Mell), Ted Paterson and Fred Wentler (Lackeys)Production staff includes: Gilbert Miller (director), Frank Gates (scenic design), Kathryn B. Miller (costume...
Dates: 1948 July-August

The Time of the Cuckoo, 1953

Identifier: M123.02.0395.0018.00003
Abstract Program from the Central City Opera House Association's 1953 production of "The Time of the Cuckoo." Cast includes: Lydia St. Clair (Signora Fioria), Douglas Watson (Eddie Yaeger), Silva Gaselli (Giovanna), Shirley Booth (Leona Samish), Lois Holmes (Mrs. McIlhenny), Howard Fischer (Mr. McIlhenny), Jose Perez (Mauro), Dino DiLuca (Renato DiRossi), and Ruggero Romor (Vito).Production staff includes: Harold Clurman (director), Den Edwards...
Dates: 1953

The Wives of Henry VIII, 1951

Identifier: M123.02.0395.0016.00004
Abstract Program from the Central City Opera House Association's 1951 production of "The Wives of Henry VIII." Cast includes: Cornelia Otis Skinner (Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Syemour, Anne of Cleves, Kathryn Howard, Katherine Parr)Production Staff includes: Don Haldane (stage manager), Jean Bannihr (assistant stage manager), Arthur Streater (scenic artists), Jean Bannihr/Margaret Scott (assistant scenic artists), Julie Spencer (production...
Dates: 1951

The Yeoman of the Guard/The Merryman and His Maid, 1939 July

Identifier: M123.02.0395.0008.00001
Abstract Program for "The Yeomen of the Guard" or "The Merryman and his Maid" produced by the Central City Opera House Association and Frank St. Leger.Cast includes: Natalie Hall (Phoebe Meryll), Mark Daniels (Wilfred Shadbolt), Ray Baber (First Yeoman of the Guard), Anna Kaskas (Dame Carruthers), Marie Mauro (Kate), Paul Lasswell (Second Yeoman of the Guard), Arthur Anderson (Sergeant Meryll), John Jameson (Leonard Meryll), Clair Kramer (Sir Richard Cholmondeley), Charles Kullman...
Dates: 1939 July