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Square dancing

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 870 Collections and/or Records:

Box 9: Harper's Bazaar , 1873

 File — Box D103.0009: Series D103.02 [Barcode: U186024469145]
Identifier: D103.02.0009

This box contains Harper's Bazaar magazines from the 19th century.

Dates: 1873

Box 9: Records

 File — Box D050.0009: Series D050.09 [Barcode: U186023280988]
Identifier: D050.09.0009
Abstract Folkraft oh johnny, oh/hot time in the old town tonight Folkraft Vedaras (the pudding)/kalvelas Folkraft Tarara-Boom-de-ay/billy boy Folkraft Badger Gavotte/the wearing of the green Folkraft rosebud reel/cindy Folkraft Ten Pretty Girls/my little girl Folkraft Cotton-eyed joe/Rustic Schottische Blue label The folk dancer records service ‘strommt em babeli/D-R Gsatslig The folk dancer records service jennie crack corn/Jingle bells The folk dancer...
Dates: 1923-1981

Box 9: Royal Blue Suit

 File — Box D059.0009: Series D059.03 [Barcode: U186023262809]
Identifier: D059.03.0009

This box contains (1) suit consisting of a royal blue jacket and a pair of pants.

Dates: 1928-2012

Box 9: The Rainbow Twirlers Scrapbook, 1958-1985

 File — Box D096.0009: Series D096.05 [Barcode: U186022111102]
Identifier: D096.05.0009

This box contains a scrapbook for the California-based square dancing club, "The Rainbow Twirlers."

Dates: 1958-1985

Box 10: Aaronic Priesthood-Banff 1956

 File — Box D044.0010: Series D044.02 [Barcode: U186023250674]
Identifier: D044.02.0010
Abstract Box 10 contains subject file folders originally assembled by Bob Osgood. The subjects in this box are Aaronic Priesthood Mia Dance Handbook 1-5, After Parties, After Party Fun, Allen Madeline, Ancedotes, Animals, Apr. '20, Archive Dance - Matlanchines, Archive - Library of Congress, Archive Center - Lloyd Shaw, Archives, Archives - Donna Rogers, Archives, Area Styles, Arty Shots, Asilomar, Asilomar, Association, Associations, Assoc. Orgs. - Proposals, Assoc. Nat'l S.D. (Masco), Assoc....
Dates: 1947-1989

Box 10: Circle Four Scrapbooks, 1949-1951

 File — Box D096.0010: Series D096.05 [Barcode: U186024444357]
Identifier: D096.05.0010

This box contains two scrapbooks: "Circle Four Scrapbook No. 2" (1949) and untitled Circle Four scrapbook (1951).

Dates: 1949-1951

Box 10: Records

 File — Box D050.0010: Series D050.09 [Barcode: U186023280996]
Identifier: D050.09.0010
Abstract Windsor My pretty girl/Marching through Georgia Windsor old fashioned girl/hurry, hurry, hurry “ Windsor when you and I were young, Maggie/heartaches Windsor my old kentucky home/farmer’s quadrille Windsor hometown jubilee/little red caboose Windsor no, no, nora/There’s a rainbow ‘round your shoulder Windsor ready, willing and able/the little shoemaker Windsor it’s been a long, long time/detour Windsor honky hoedown/y’all come Windsor stony...
Dates: 1923-1981

Box 11: Basics-Calls, B. Johnson (37-102)

 File — Box D044.0011: Series D044.02 [Barcode: U186023250682]
Identifier: D044.02.0011
Abstract Box 11 contains subject file folders originally assembled by Bob Osgood. The subjects in this box are Basics; Basics S.D. Evolution; Becky; Beer, etc; Benefits of S.D.; Bibliography - S.D. Books; Big Heart of S.D.; Big Names; B. Litchman Silver Spur; Bob's Eye; Books; Books - History of S.D.; Book- Square Dances; Brundage, Al; Butenhof, Ed; Caller, The; Caller, Training; Callers Class Notes 1-6; Caller Lab; Callerlab 1976; Callerlab 2002; Callerlab History; Callerlab Milestones - Book Copy;...
Dates: 1947-1989

Box 11: Cal Golden in Europe with American Square Dancing LP

 File — Box D059.0011: Series D059.05 [Barcode: U186024468563]
Identifier: D059.05.0011

This box contains (2) copies of an LP recorded by Cal Golden titled "Cal Golden in Europe with American Square Dancing."

Dates: 1928-2012

Box 11: Records

 File — Box D050.0011: Series D050.09 [Barcode: U186023281081]
Identifier: D050.09.0011
Abstract Country & Western All Star Instrumentals Windsor Ramblin’ wreck/just because The world of fun sonderburg double quadrille/foehringer kontra Honor your partner album 5 Manhattan Pops Orchestra Mexico Hi-fi Tops Polka Party Paramount Soldier’s joy/Home Sweet Home Ragtime Anne/Listen to the mocking bird RCA Victor Over the Waves Waltz RCA Victor Estudiantina Waltz RCA Victor Soldier’s Joy/Blackberry Quadrille RCA Victor The Wearin’ of the...
Dates: 1923-1981