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Square dancing

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 870 Collections and/or Records:

Box 2: Writings

 File — Box D082.0002: [Barcode: U186023272587]
Identifier: D092.0002

This box contains works, including drafts and correspondence, written by Glen Nickerson. Title include: "About Basic Contra Dancing," "Collected Essays on Contra Dancing," "Contra Dancing for Square Dance Club Activity," "Contras von Nixhaus," "Database of Contras," "Has Anyone Seen a Tred Lately?," and "On Contra Dancing."

Dates: 1987-2010

Box 2: Writings, 1961-1964

 File — Box D099.0002: Series D099.04 [Barcode: U186023251133]
Identifier: D099.04.0002

This box contains an incomplete set of National Caller Report Newsletter editions from #101 to #1896, Choreo Guidelines, and National Association Report.

Dates: 1961-1964

Box 3: 8mm Films 29-33, 1940-2002

 File — Box D044.0003: Series D044.01 [Barcode: U186023250624]
Identifier: D044.01.0003

(5) 8mm films- titles include: ''Aruba #1,'' ''Aruba #2,'' ''Rose Parade; 49ers; Rip n Snort; Beach Party,'' ''Washington, D.C.; Cleveland; Wyo Rocky Mt.; Colo Springs,'' and (1) NO Title.

Dates: 1940-2002

Box 3: Calling Materials, 1943-1956

 File — Box D091.0003: [Barcode: U186018608838]
Identifier: D091.0003

This box contains calling materials from Lloyd Shaw's summer workshops. Materials include a calling notebook, caller cards, and (1) binder with dance routine used at the summer workshops.

Dates: 1943-1956

Box 3: Clothing

 File — Box D101.0003: Series D101.02 [Barcode: U186023288936]
Identifier: D101.02.0003

This box contains one (1) pair of black trousers, one (1) black leather (or false leather) vest with Jack Murtha's nametag on it, one (1) striped white and blue pearl-snap long-sleeved shirt, and one (1) blue and white ball cap with Jack Murtha's name on it.

Dates: 1981-1999

Box 3: Nyla and Russ Farr, 1968-1974

 File — Box D096.0031: Series D096.06 [Barcode: U186023272511]
Identifier: D096.06.0031

This box contains materials from Nyla and Russ Farr. Items in this box includes: (1) folder of dance materials from dances called by Russ Farr; (2) folders of Russ Farr Memorial materials; (7) items of caller teaching materials collected by Nyla Farr; (13) items of workshop materials; (35) photographs; (23) newspaper clippings; (8) Nyla's square dance design drafts; one (1) award; one (1) flag, and one (1) dance flyer; and one (1) box of conference/workshop/convention badges.

Dates: 1968-1974

Box 3: Research Binders, 1977-1995

 File — Box D103.0003: Series D103.02 [Barcode: U186024469268]
Identifier: D103.02.0003

This box contains Mae Fraley's square dance research binders. The binders contained in this box are: Coll C; Coll D; Coll E; Coll E2; Colonial Dance 1977/1995; Colonial Dance Life; and Contras.

Dates: Coverage: 1977-1995

Box 3: Scrapbooks, 1975-1986

 File — Box D100.0003: Series D100.01 [Barcode: U186024468856]
Identifier: D100.01.0003

This box contains scrapbooks from the Star Promenaders Square Dance club including the 1975-1984 scrapbook and the 1986 binder.

Dates: 1975-1986

Box 3: Square Dance Costumes

 File — Box D096.0003: Series D096.01 [Barcode: U186024468597]
Identifier: D096.01.0003

This box contains square dance costumes including: four (4) scarves, one (1) poncho shawl thing, one (1) beaded two-piece skirt/shirt costume, one (1) red skirt, one (1) blue skirt, one (1) red skirt, one (1) black skirt, and one (1) blue and black skirt.

Dates: 1850-2007

Box 3: Syllabi and Manuscripts, 1950-1965

 File — Box D050.0003: Series D050.03 [Barcode: U186023254026]
Identifier: D050.03.0003
Abstract This box contains syllabi from square dance classes, as well as a manuscript. Items included are Florida Syllabus 1st Edition, 1955; Flordia Syllabus 2nd Edition, 1957; Florida Syllabus 3rd Edition, 1957; Tampa, Florida Syllabus, 1957; Various Florida Syllabi, 1951; Florida Social Recreation Syllabus, circa 1950; Les Gotcher's Florida Caller's College Syllabus, 1965; Florida Parks and Recreation Publications, 1961; Houston Texas Spring Square Dance Festival Bulletin, 1950; Minneapolis Public...
Dates: 1950-1965