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Square dancing

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 870 Collections and/or Records:

Box 1: Published Material, 1967-1971

 File — Box D099.0001: Series D099.01; Series D099.02; Series D099.03 [Barcode: U186023273143]
Identifier: D099.03.0001
Abstract This box contains the published square dance guides collected by Will Orlich. Items included are A Decade of Square Dance choreography Collected & Arranged by Les Gotcher; Callers & Instructors Teaching Manual by Les Gotcher; Les Gotcher's Text Book for Square Dance Callers; Square Dance Calling - the Technical Aspects of Choreography by Lloyd L. Litman; Equivalents and Their Use by Les Gotcher; Bill Burleson's (illegible) Dictionary; The Windmill System for Patter Calling by Stan...
Dates: 1967-1971

Box 1: Release Forms, 2018

 File — Box D114.0001: Series D114.01; Series D114.02 [Barcode: U186023299440]
Identifier: D114.01.0001

This box contains oral history release forms for the interviews conducted in the Carson Brierly Giffin Dance Library's annual project "Square Dance in the American West." Formal interviews took place with Bill Litchman and Kelly Shortandqueer. Informal interviews took place at the Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus Annual Meeting.

Dates: 2018

Box 1: Scrapbooks, 1957-1966

 File — Box D100.0001: Series D100.01 [Barcode: U186024468848]
Identifier: D100.01.0001

This box contains scrapbooks from the Star Promenaders Square Dance Club, including Star Promenaders Vol II 1966 and their 1957 Asilomar binder.

Dates: 1957-1966

Box 1: Square Dance Ads, 1971-1984

 File — Box D056.0001: Series D056.01; Series D056.02; Series D056.03 [Barcode: U186023281049]
Identifier: D056.02.0001

This box contains advertisements, catalogs, and indexes from various folk dance companies and organizations.

Dates: 1971-1984

Box 1: Square Dance Costumes

 File — Box D096.0001: Series D096.01 [Barcode: U186024468610]
Identifier: D096.01.0001

This box contains square dance costumes including: three (3) aprons, four (4) blouses, one (1) suspenders, one (1) bonnett, one (1) poncho, one (1) vest, two (2) handkerchiefs, one (1) scarf, one (1) embroidered skirt, and two (2) tights.

Dates: 1850-2007

Box 1: Square Dance Materials, 1939-2000

 File — Box D103.0001: Series D103.01 [Barcode: U186023254050]
Identifier: D103.01.0001
Abstract This box contains workshop materials, newsletters, and square dance organization rosters. The items in this box are: A Night in Heaven Lambda Delta Sigma Winter Formal 1939; This Spinster's spree 1939; 1979-80 Calendar-Directory Canadian Dancers News; Roundalab Directory Of Members May 1982; Recreation workshops/laboratories; Winter In the woods flyer; Kirkwood Lodge advertisement x2; Kansas Round Dance Assn. Inc. Roster 1958-59; Folk Dance Directory 1975; Square Dance Association of...
Dates: 1939-2000

Box 1: Square Dance Memorabilia, 1957-1968

 File — Box D102.0001: Series D102.01; Series D102.02 [Barcode: U186024468644]
Identifier: D102.01.0001

This box contains square dance memorabilia relating to "Red" Warrick. This includes a poster, three (3) advertisements for square dances he called, a newspaper, Who's Who square dance achievement award, and an electric company bill with an edited square dance call as a footer.

Dates: 1957-1968

Box 1: Workshop Materials, 1961-1970

 File — Box D099.0001: Series D099.01; Series D099.02; Series D099.03 [Barcode: U186023273143]
Identifier: D099.02.0001

This box contains materials from square dance workshops and clinics.

Dates: 1961-1970

Box 2: 16mm Films, 1940s-2000

 File — Box D044.0002: Series D044.01 [Barcode: U186023250616]
Identifier: D044.01.0002

(4) 16mm films - titles include: ''Square Dancing Fundamentals, Part 1, Level 1"; "Square Dancing Fundamentals, Part 2, Level 1"; ''SIO Print/ Good Head, Good Back'' ; '' The Fun People.''

Dates: 1940s-2000

Box 2: Articles, Loose Sheet Music, and Convention Materials, 1938-1976

 File — Box D091.0002: [Barcode: U186023280970]
Identifier: D091.0002
Abstract This box contains materials not deemed for cataloging including articles, loose sheet music, various texts on square dancing, convention materials, and workshop materials. Titles known are: Caller's Clinic Report (1950), "Advancing in Dancing" Fred and Mary Collette (1953), "And Promenade All" Larry Eisenberg (1944), "The Big Apple Dance Routine" Helen Poole, "Call for 16s," "A Collection of Couple Dances" Roger Knapp, "Come On Let's Dance!" (1949), draft of "Folk Dances of the Middle West"...
Dates: 1938-1976