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Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 220 Collections and/or Records:

Box 119: Clippings, Publications, and Telegrams, 1936-1949

 File — Box M123.0119: Series M123.04 [U186019153909]
Identifier: M123.04.0119
Overview Papers, telegrams, publications, and newspaper clippings in labeled folders covering a variety of topics; examples include 'Publicity', 'Telegrams', and 'Special Events'
Dates: 1936-1949

Box 126: Files, Publicity-S, 1950

 File — Box M123.0126: Series M123.01 [U186019153975]
Identifier: M123.01.0126
Overview Papers, publications, photos, and reports in labeled folders covering a wide variety of topics, but mostly concerning 'Publicity' and people whose last names begin in 'S'
Dates: 1950

Box 128: Files, Conventions and Exhibition Days, 1951

 File — Box M123.0128: Series M123.01 [U186019153991]
Identifier: M123.01.0128
Overview Papers, publications, reports, and telegrams in labeled folders - topics vary, including 'Square Dance Day', 'Conventions', and 'Music Day'
Dates: 1951

Box 129: Files, AGMA-Kozma, 1952

 File — Box M123.0129: Series M123.01 [U186019154002]
Identifier: M123.01.0129
Overview Papers, reports, publications, and notebooks in labeled, roughly alphabetical folders, with topics ranging from 'AGMA - 1952' to 'Kozma, Tibor - 1952'
Dates: 1952

Box 131: Files, AGMA-Complaints, 1953

 File — Box M123.0131: Series M123.01 [U186019154028]
Identifier: M123.01.0131
Overview Papers, reports, magazines, and publications in labeled, roughly alphabetical folders - topics range from 'AGMA - 1953' to 'Complaints'
Dates: 1953

Box 133: Files, Publicity-Harry O. Worsham, 1953

 File — Box M123.0133: Series M123.01 [U186019154044]
Identifier: M123.01.0133
Overview Papers, reports, publications, telegrams, a photo, and newspaper clippings in labeled, roughly alphabetical folders - topics from 'Publicity' to 'Harry O. Worsham'
Dates: 1953

Box 135: Files, DU-Play Possibilities, 1954

 File — Box M123.0135: Series M123.01 [U186019154060]
Identifier: M123.01.0135
Overview Papers, reports, magazines, publications, telegrams, newspaper clippings, and receipts in labeled, roughly alphabetical folders - topics from 'DU' to 'Play Possibilities'
Dates: 1954

Box 137: Files, AAA Welding Service-Farm Letters, 1955

 File — Box M123.0137: Series M123.01 [U186019154086]
Identifier: M123.01.0137
Overview Papers, reports, publications, brochures, and photos in well-labelled, roughly alphabetical folders with topics ranging from 'AAA Welding Service' to 'Farm Letters'
Dates: 1955

Box 138: Files, Historical Society-Window Displays, 1955

 File — Box M123.0138: Series M123.01 [U186019154094]
Identifier: M123.01.0138
Overview Papers, reports, publication, and telegrams in well-labelled, roughly alphabetical folders - topics from 'Historical Society' to 'Window Displays'
Dates: 1955

Box 139: Files, AGMA- Flower Girls, 1956

 File — Box M123.0139: Series M123.01 [U186019154109]
Identifier: M123.01.0139
Overview Papers, reports, telegrams, publications, and receipts in well-labelled, roughly alphabetical folders - topics range from 'AGMA 1956' to 'Flower Girls'
Dates: 1956