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Colfax Avenue (Colo.)

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Found: WWW site, Feb. 3, 2012: (Colfax Avenue; originally called Golden Road and Grand Avenue; name changed to Colfax Avenue; While Colfax Avenue is commonly considered to run east-west along U.S. Highway 40 through the Denver metro area, the road extends much farther. As U.S. 40 bends east of Aurora and follows I-70, U.S. 36 picks up the Colfax name as a virtually seamless route to Watkins, Bennett and Strasburg. Farther east in Byers, some residents continue to use East Colfax in their addresses, though the name is rarely, if ever, used beyond the town)

Found: Google maps, Feb. 3, 2012: (Map shows Colfax Avenue also numbered U.S. 40, U.S. 287, and Interstate 70)

Found in 731 Collections and/or Records:

Box 5, 1922-1958

 File — Box B089.02.0005: Series B089.02 [Barcode: U186020757465]
Identifier: B089.02.0005

File folder #1-9 include: Fannie Lorber Speeches, Correspondences with George Greenspun, Records, and Employment Agreements

Dates: 1922-1958

Box 6, 1908-1979

 File — Box B089.03.0006: Series B089.03 [Barcode: U186020757473]
Identifier: B089.03.0006

File folders #1-18 include: NAC Various Correspondences and Records

Dates: 1908-1979

Box 7, 1907-2006

 File — Box B089.04.0007: Series B089.04 [Barcode: U186020757481]
Identifier: B089.04.0007

File folders # 1-14 include: Historical Background Matierial, Histories, Patient Register, and Merger Information.

Dates: 1907-2006

Box 8, 1920-2000

 File — Box B089.04.0008: Series B089.04 [Barcode: U186020757499]
Identifier: B089.04.0008

File folders #1-9 include; Historical background materials including program information and a pamphlet entitled "Waiting at our Doorstep..."

Dates: 1920-2000

Box 9, 1904-1973

 File — Box B089.05.0009: Series B089.05 [Barcode: U186020757504]
Identifier: B089.05.0009

File folders #1-11 include: NAC Legal and Financial Records, Articles of Incorporation, Insurance, Deeds, Articles of Consolidation

Dates: 1904-1973

Box 10, 1923-1979

 File — Box B089.05.0010: Series B089.05 [Barcode: U186020757512]
Identifier: B089.05.0010

File folders #1-14 include: NAC Legal and Financial Records, By-Laws, Rules, Policies, Regulations, Legal Committee, Appeals

Dates: 1923-1979

Box 11, 1937-1978

 File — Box B089.06.0011: Series B089.06 [Barcode: U186020757520]
Identifier: B089.06.0011

File folders #1-16 include: NAC General Publications and Reports

Dates: 1937-1978

Box 12, 1927-1980

 File — Box B089.07.0012: Series B089.07 [Barcode: U186020757538]
Identifier: B089.07.0012

File folders #1-10 include: Auxiliaries: Lists of Officers, Chapter Information, Financial Records, Minutes, and General Information

Dates: 1927-1980

Box 13, 1950-1982

 File — Box B089.07.0013: Series B089.07 [Barcode: U186020757546]
Identifier: B089.07.0013

File folders #1-21 include: NAX Auxiliaries: Convention Information, Financial Records, Receipts

Dates: 1950-1982

Box 14, 1940-1980

 File — Box B089.08.0014: Series B089.08 [Barcode: U186020757554]
Identifier: B089.08.0014

File folders #1-8 include: Medical Administrators' Records: Patient Day Books, Committee Reports, Fellows Files, Sample Research Files

Dates: 1940-1980