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Holocaust survivors

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Bio/Hist: Here are entered works on persons who survived the Holocaust of 1939-1945, with emphasis on their lives since 1945. Works on persons who died during the Holocaust of 1939-1945 are entered under Holocaust victims. Works consisting of personal accounts of the Jewish Holocaust are entered under Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)--Personal narratives.

Found in 131 Collections and/or Records:

Oral History Interview with Rabbi Israel Rosenfeld, 1981 August 12

Identifier: B098.16.0011.00003
Overview Rabbi Rosenfeld is a Czechoslovakian born Holocaust survivor. The oral history covers his pre-war and war-time experiences especially when he was interned at Auschwitz. Also talks about his post-war adjustment and resettlement, ending up in Denver, CO.
Dates: 1981 August 12

Oral History Interview with Rosi Wahl, 1984 May 2

Identifier: B098.16.0012.00018
Overview Interview covers prewar experiences in Poland, antisemitism, and children's transport to Britain.
Dates: 1984 May 2

Oral History Interview with Solomon Schindel, 1982 December 25

Identifier: B098.16.0011.00009
Overview Oral history covers growing up in Poland, father sold baskets and mother died when he was six. Pre-war life in Poland and his experience during the war and in concentration camps. Life after the war. Immigrated to US in 1949 through New York, shortened name from Schindelheim to Schindel. Lived in Chicago and then Denver.
Dates: 1982 December 25

Oral History Interview with Sonia Gottlieb, 1981 November 8

Identifier: B098.16.0011.00007
Overview Oral history covers her experience during WWII as a prisoner in a Siberian labor camp. Describes the living conditions there and the isolation and lack of awareness about what was happening elsewhere. Also describes difficult of adjusting to life in America.
Dates: 1981 November 8

Oral History Interview with Szlama and Helen Bolstok, 1982 January 20

Identifier: B098.16.0011.00010
Overview Oral history covers their experiences as Polish children pre-war, Helen in Lodz Ghetto, her deportation to Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen camps and the Farben Factory. Szlama’s experiences in ghettos, camps, forced labor and displaced person's camp. Immigration to Denver in 1950.Adjusting to life in America.
Dates: 1982 January 20

Oral History Interview with Zesa Starr, 1982 February 15

Identifier: B098.16.0011.00013
Overview Interview covers Zesa’s life growing up in small town in Poland. Experiences in Auschwitz. Discusses post-war feelings, leaving Europe, problems adjusting to life in America, relationships with other survivors and American born Jews, feelings toward Israel, Poland and Germany.
Dates: 1982 February 15

Osi Sladek, 2015 April 3

Identifier: B292.01.0001.0002
Overview The newspaper article appeared in the April 3, 2015 Passover Edition of the "Intermountain Jewish News." Daniel Sladek wrote about his father Osi Sladek who was a child Holocaust survivor and a folk singer and composer. He took part in the folk music revival beginning in 1958 when he arrived in California.
Dates: 2015 April 3

Paula Burger, 2006

 Item — Object B398.01.00019: Series B398.01 [U186023282532]
Identifier: B398.01.00019
Overview Framed drawing of Paula Burger by artist Deborah Howard. Drawing is in black and white, she wears a light collared shirt. Paula Burger is looking towards the viewer.
Dates: 2006

Portfolio of Study Sketches, circa 2003-2008

Identifier: B398.02.0025.0005
Overview Portfolio of sketches, artists’' preparatory studies, for the portrait project. These sketches were done during the interview the artist conducted with the participant.
Dates: circa 2003-2008

Post Office Telegram, 6/10/1947-and 6/12/1947

Identifier: B333.06.0001.0006.00010
Overview Telegram from Ingrid Lind Weddell to Henry Loewenstein before his departure from England to the United States. The message reads, "Henry Loewenstein Church Farm, Whipsnade DP., Good journey love to family, Ingrid." Post office stamp dated June 10, 1947, Dunstable, Beds, England. Delivery information printed by hand on the top of the telegram including date, June 12, 1947, and time, 5:30 p.m. Bath.
Dates: 6/10/1947-and 6/12/1947