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Student government -- Elections

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Use for: Student body elections

Found in 168 Collections and/or Records:

The Denver Clarion, vol. 31, issue 2, 1954 October 1

Identifier: clarion_v031i02_19541001

Family night and the Montana U – DU Football game to occur at Hilltop Stadium, Friday October 8, 1954. The Pioneer Caravan goes to Wyoming on October 2, 1954 for their football game against the University of Wyoming at Laramie. The marching band to strut their stuff during the halftime show at the University of Wyoming game on October 2, 1954. Fraternity bids due October 3, 1954. Homecoming set for November 6, 1954. Senate plans class elections for 1954 – Skid Pirtle elected.

Dates: 1954 October 1

The Denver Clarion, vol. 31, issue 6, 1954 October 29

Identifier: clarion_v031i06_19541029

Five Coeds Vie for Homecoming Queen Crown (Nancy Corpening, Audry Eklund, Sheila McConnell, Patricia Nichols and Patricia Rose). Complete Election Tabulation Results from Class Elections on October 27, 1954. Homecoming next week. Will Herberg (religious lecturer), will be the key note speaker during Religion in Life Week (November 17-21, 1954). Small voter turnout for Class Elections. Winter Carnival Chairman applications due. Student Senate held on November 2, 1954.

Dates: 1954 October 29

The Denver Clarion, vol. 31, issue 17, 1955 February 11

Identifier: clarion_v031i17_19550211

A and S Election Postponed – elections for the post of female senator postponed. Nancy Corpening and Donna Walter are the nominees. John Roning named DU Football Coach. Kappa Sigma receives full year probationary status. Coeds nominated for offices, AWS election date is February 18, 1955. Union board of governors present Deuce’s Wild Combo – jazz group composed of DU students. Next Clarion is the Powder Puff.

Dates: 1955 February 11

The Denver Clarion, vol. 31, issue 18, 1955 February 18

Identifier: clarion_v031i18_19550218

Coeds pick Morton Roth as Dream Man. The College of Engineering will have Engineer’s Day on February 25, 1955. Three women in the race for A and S Woman Senator – Nancy Shiperd the newest candidate. Chancellor Alter commends Denver. Harrison Salisbury, foreign correspondent for the New York Times will present a lecture for the series on Mass Media and Foreign Policy. Freshman stage dance on February 19, 1955 – theme is “Ebony and Ivory”. Tax help offered.

Dates: 1955 February 18

The Denver Clarion, vol. 31, issue 24, 1955 April 15

Identifier: clarion_v031i24_19550415
Abstract All-School nominations set for coffee hour on April 15, 1955. Inside the Clarion – five men and a coed have applied for the editorship of the 1955-1956 Clarion; during coffee hour on April 15, 1955 the candidates for the all school elections will be nominated; changes in fraternity philosophy and purpose; reference to the opening speech made by J. Robert Oppenheimer. The fourth DPA play of the season “The Crucible” will run at the Little Theater on for two weeks beginning April 21, 1955. DU...
Dates: 1955 April 15

The Denver Clarion, vol. 31, issue 27, 1955 May 6

Identifier: clarion_v031i27_19550506

All school elections May 10-11, 1955. Inter-fraternity Council gives Sigma Alpha Epsilon temporary probation status. Professors to bus dishes at the Student Union. United Fund Drive, “Dollars for Destiny” moves into final stage. Clarion rated – received a first-place rating in the Associated Collegiate Press’ competitive program. Students elected to fill all school positions.

Dates: 1955 May 6

The Denver Clarion, vol. 31, issue 28, 1955 May 13

Identifier: clarion_v031i28_19550513

Ken Furman (Arts and Sciences), Jack Deter (Bizad), and Harold Sparks (Engineering) were elected presidents of their respective colleges in the all school elections; vote is smallest in years. Norma Jean Carpenter is the new Arts and Sciences secretary. United Fund Drive closes 1955 campaign with $1,264 total. Students apply for place on new Publications Board. 1955 Leadership conference at Pinecrest.

Dates: 1955 May 13

The Denver Clarion, vol. 32, issue 4, 1955 October 7

Identifier: clarion_v032i04_19551007

Student Senate Elects (Jack Deeter as president of student body; Ken Furman as president of the College of Arts and Sciences; Sandy Theis as secretary. Class election dates set; Chairmen report. 1955 Homecoming theme is picked – “Sense and Nonsense.” KVDU is back – Jim Palmquist is the new manager. DU Enrollment climbs upward. Three names as finalists in the search for the “Apron King” – Sonny Moore, Paul Plath and Orville Duffy. Fall Ball on October 7, 1955.

Dates: 1955 October 7

The Denver Clarion, vol. 32, issue 5, 1955 October 11

Identifier: clarion_v032i05_19551011
Abstract Class nominations on October 11, 1955 – Arts and Science in Little Theater, Bizad in Room 247 and Engineers in E1-1. Dr. Margaret Mead is first Social Science Foundation Lecturer on October 17, 1955. Chancellor Alter welcomes US Air Academy. Paul Plath named “Apron King” at Fall Ball. Homecoming Chairmen to meet in Pioneer Room. Patricia Beck, was featured as a cover girl on a woman’s magazine in Spain. Sponsor Corps Deadline; Voting by Cadets October 15, 1955. All-School Dance hosted by...
Dates: 1955 October 11

The Denver Clarion, vol. 32, issue 9, 1955 October 25

Identifier: clarion_v032i09_19551025

Class Elections begin Friday, October 28, 1955 – Class candidates begin campaigns. Paul Whittlesey of Sigma Chi presents the Beanie Queen Trophy to Carolyn Alkire of Gamma Phi Beta, at the Sigma Chi Rodeo. Delta Gamma Sorority wins Sigma Chi Rodeo. Watch for the bald iggle. Van Dijk to visit campus on October 27, 1955. Sixty-five guys to grow beards. Men’s inter-dormitory council elects new officers to serve during the 1955-1956 school year.

Dates: 1955 October 25