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Student government -- Elections

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: Use for: Student body elections

Found in 168 Collections and/or Records:

The Denver Clarion, vol. 105, issue 21, 1998 April 30

Identifier: clarion_v105i21_19980430
Overview Pow Wow. Election challenged. Students pay more for RTD bus rides.
Dates: 1998 April 30

The Denver Clarion, vol. 105, issue 22, 1998 May 7

Identifier: clarion_v105i22_19980507
Overview Senate election deemed valid. Woman attacked near J-Mac. Underage partiers need not walk alone.
Dates: 1998 May 7

The Denver Clarion, vol. 105, issue 7, 1997 October 30

Identifier: clarion_v105i07_19971030
Overview Winter wonderland wreaks campus Homecoming havoc. Tokin’ is trouble. Probation a hitch to landslide win in class officer election.
Dates: 1997 October 30

The Denver Clarion, vol. 106, issue 5, 1998 October 29

Identifier: clarion_v106i05_19981029
Overview DU chooses a favorite soda. Looming election demands education. Photo of the week.
Dates: 1998 October 29

The Denver Clarion, vol. 106, issue 9, 1999 January 14

Identifier: clarion_v106i09_19990114
Overview New structure eases parking woes. Suspension, AUSA elections. Inside the Beltway. Help on filing financial aid form.
Dates: 1999 January 14

The Denver Clarion, vol. 107, issue 20, 2000 April 20

Identifier: clarion_v107i20_20000420
Overview Moment of silence. Student media acquires new work area. AUSA senate voting goes online.
Dates: 2000 April 20

The Denver Clarion, vol. 107, issue 4, 1999 October 14

Identifier: clarion_v107i04_19991014
Overview Pioneers break in new arena. Elections deemed invalid.
Dates: 1999 October 14

The Denver Clarion, vol. 108, 2001 May 17

Identifier: clarion_v108_20010517
Overview Porto, Hansen take elections. Protest grows. Blooming artists.
Dates: 2001 May 17

The Denver Clarion, vol. 109, 2003 April 22

Identifier: clarion_v109_20030422
Overview Debating Bridges. 800 million go hungry. Elections a week late. Wolves wow students.
Dates: 2003 April 22

The Denver Clarion, vol. 31, issue 17, 1955 February 11

Identifier: clarion_v031i17_19550211
Overview A and S Election Postponed – elections for the post of female senator postponed. Nancy Corpening and Donna Walter are the nominees. John Roning named DU Football Coach. Kappa Sigma receives full year probationary status. Coeds nominated for offices, AWS election date is February 18, 1955. Union board of governors present Deuce’s Wild Combo – jazz group composed of DU students. Next Clarion is the Powder Puff.
Dates: 1955 February 11