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University of Denver



The first reference to Colorado Seminary was in The Rocky Mountain News of November 27, 1862: “ a board of Trustees, composed of the solid men of Denver, has been organized to superintend the erection of a seminary building… for an academic education.”
Sources Breck, "From the Rockies to the World"
University of Denver votes to adopt quarter system in 1929.
Sources "University Adopts New Quarter Plan; Vote Unanimous," The Denver Clarion, vol. 34, no. 19, November 26, 1929, 1.
First year Hillel organization features full programming at DU


Jan. 30, 1974, letter to faculty, U172._.0003, Hillel folder

Found in 222 Collections and/or Records:

''Dissent: Divine or Diabolical?'' by Maurice B. Mitchell, 1970 October

Identifier: U219.03.0003.0003.00013
Overview Article reprinted from The Rotarian Magazine entitled ''Dissent: Divine or Diabolical? An Educator Noted for Bridging Gaps on Campus Explores Causes and Solutions'' by Maurice B. Mitchell. Seven pages with photographs.
Dates: 1970 October

Documentation Project - Chronology of Events, 1970 May 4-14

Identifier: U219.03.0003.0001.00003
Overview Chronology of the events of Woodstock West created as part of the Documentation Project by Jim Hirsh.
Dates: 1970 May 4-14

Draft of Letter from Thomas M. Feldman to Mr. Mayer, 1970

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0024.00018
Overview Draft of a letter from Thomas M. Feldman to Adolph ''Bud'' Mayer asking for help from the University of Denver Public Relations Department in gathering information on Woodstock West. At the bottom is the reply from the Director of Public Relations, Adolph ''Bud'' Mayer.
Dates: 1970

Draft of Letter from Thomas M. Feldman to Mr. Mitchell, 1970

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0024.00017
Overview Draft of letter from Thomas M. Feldman to Mr. Mitchell asking for help getting information on the decision making process.
Dates: 1970

Earth Island Number One, 1970

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0023.00001
Overview Earth Island Number One. Contains an article on Page 16: ''Woodstock West: The Liberation of Denver University,'' article by David Michaels and Thomas Feldman.
Dates: 1970

Editorial from the Suburban Sun News, 1970 May 14

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0023.00004
Overview Editorial from the Suburban Sun News entitled: ''Three Cheers for Mitchell''.
Dates: 1970 May 14

Evergreen V. 14 N. 90, 1970 July

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0023.00002
Overview Evergreen V. 14 N. 90. On page 71, there is an article: ''Revolution in the Rockies: Woodstock West''.
Dates: 1970 July

Evolution: Conservative to Moderate, 1970 June 2

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0021.00004
Overview A paper for Comparative Revolutions class describing the author's journey from a conservative background to Woodstock West.
Dates: 1970 June 2

Faculty Opinions Concerning the Chancellor's Actions During Woodstock, 1970

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0002.00003
Overview Faculty opinions concerning the Chancellor's actions during Woodstock. Report prepared and approved by the Department of Psychology. There is a note on the cover that Professor Shaklee wishes to go on record as opposing the use of the questionnaire and as dissenting from the report.
Dates: 1970