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University of Denver



The first reference to Colorado Seminary was in The Rocky Mountain News of November 27, 1862: “ a board of Trustees, composed of the solid men of Denver, has been organized to superintend the erection of a seminary building… for an academic education.”
Sources Breck, "From the Rockies to the World"
University of Denver votes to adopt quarter system in 1929.
Sources "University Adopts New Quarter Plan; Vote Unanimous," The Denver Clarion, vol. 34, no. 19, November 26, 1929, 1.
First year Hillel organization features full programming at DU


Jan. 30, 1974, letter to faculty, U172._.0003, Hillel folder

Found in 222 Collections and/or Records:

Flier for Speakers and Events on Campus, 1970

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0018.00015
Overview Flier for speakers on campus. Claims Corky Gonzoles, Father Herman Melville, Mike Clonsky and professors and students from Columbus, Paris and Vietnam will be there together with rock groups.
Dates: 1970

Flier for Speakers on Campus, 1970 May 06

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0012.00009
Overview Flier for speakers on campus in connection with a rally. Advertised speeches mainly about social justice and non-violence.
Dates: 1970 May 06

Flier for Strike, 1970 May

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0013.00012
Overview Flier for strike on Thursday and Friday, demanding the total and immediate withdrawal of the U.S. from Southeast Asia.
Dates: 1970 May

Flier for Student Meeting to Discuss Political Activities, 1970 May

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0010.00003
Overview Flier about gathering of students to discuss political activities of the ''Nixon-Agnew power structure'' and student movement to shut down college campuses across the country.
Dates: 1970 May

Flier for Student Rally, 1970 May

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0013.00009

Flier for Student Strike, 1970 May

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0013.00001
Overview Flier for student strike in protest of Kent State Massacre, Cambodia Invasion, Bobby Seale Trial, and giving events for May 7th and 8th.
Dates: 1970 May

Flier for the Lobbying Committee, 1970

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0003.00002
Overview Lobbying Committee: Put Your Feelings Into Action. A flier soliciting membership in the lobbying committee for political action. The overarching goal for the group as explained on the flier is to influence state party politics.
Dates: 1970

Flier from the Colorado Constitutional Amendment Council, 1970 May 14

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0016.00001
Overview Flier from the Colorado Constitutional Amendment Council calling for an amendment to the Colorado Constitution banning coercion or compelled service in the armed forces in an undeclared war on foreign soil.
Dates: 1970 May 14

Flier from the Strike Coalition, 1970 May 08

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0013.00003
Overview Flier from the Strike Coalition giving information about Southeast Asia.
Dates: 1970 May 08

Flier in the Form of a Letter, 1970 May 12

Identifier: U219.03.0004.0014.00004
Overview Flier in the form of a letter to the ''Dear Young People'' applauding their intentions but pointing out the problems of their position, and calling for them to abandon the '''present Woodstock West and progress to a better solution''. The flier is unsigned.
Dates: 1970 May 12