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Duncan, David Shaw




Inauguration of Robert D. Coombe ... 2006 : p. 14 (Chancellors of the University of Denver, [6th] David Shaw Duncan, 1935-1941)
David Shaw Duncan becomes Chancellor in 1935 (until death in 1941).
Sources Breck, A.D. (1996). From the rockies to the world (pg.128); “New Chancellor is Seventh to Hold Office: Colorful History of University Had Beginning In Colorado Seminary,” The Denver Clarion, vol. 46, issue 1, September 10, 1941, page 4.
David S. Duncan (6th Chancellor) dies on March 9th, 1941.
Sources Breck, From the Rockies to the World, 1997, 129.

Found in 23 Collections and/or Records:

1914 YMCA Officers and Committee Chairmen, 1914

Identifier: U201.01.0411.00011
Overview The 1914 YMCA Officers and Committee Chairmen pose for a portrait.
Dates: 1914

Chancellor's Outline Golden Banquet Class of 1942, 1992 June 6

Identifier: U138.0006.0012.00002
Overview Outline of a speech that the Chancellor gave at the Golden Banquet for the class of 1942 on June 6, 1992.
Dates: 1992 June 6

David Shaw Duncan, between 1935-1941

Identifier: U201.01.0413.00005
Overview University of Denver sixth chancellor David Shaw Duncan poses for a portrait. Prior to his tenure as chancellor, Duncan was a professor of history and political science, dean of the liberal arts college, and dean of the graduate school. Duncan served as chancellor from 1935 to 1941.
Dates: between 1935-1941

Draft University of Denver Commencement Program: Seventy-fifth Year, Denver City Auditoriun, June seventh, 1939, 1939 June 7

Identifier: U138.0001.0033.00002
Overview Program for the University of Denver undergraduate and graduate commencement ceremony, June seventh, 1939. Honorary degree recipients: Anne Evans, Doctor of Fine Arts; Mary Dean Reed, Doctor of Humanities; Florence Rena Sabin, Doctor of Science. Conferring degrees: Chancellor David Shaw Duncan.
Dates: 1939 June 7

Duncan, David Shaw

Identifier: U201.01.0417.00002
Overview University of Denver sixth chancellor David Shaw Duncan poses for a portrait. Duncan was a University of Denver professor of history and political science, beginning in 1906, and became the head of the department. From 1922 to 1935 he served as dean of the liberal arts college and then the graduate school before resigning to return to teaching. His main goal was to bring the University out of debt. During his term the university received further donations and endowments that allowed for the...
Dates: 1864-

Duncan, David Shaw Photos, 1935-1941

Identifier: U201.02.0139.0013
Overview Headshots and one full-length portrait of David Shaw Duncan, an alumnus, professor, dean, and chancellor at the University of Denver, including 9 black and white prints, 1 black and white contact sheet without negatives, and 2 sets of black and white negatives with contact sheets.
Dates: 1935-1941

Faculty Baseball Team, circa 1912

Identifier: U201.01.0086.0014.00004
Overview Black and white photographic image of the faculty ball team, with 11 individuals sitting on a bench with the bleachers behind them holding the audience, at the University Park athletic field, circa 1912. The baseball team has 10 individual: Dean Howe, Dean Duncan, Dr. Phillips, Dr. Lough, Dr. Russell, Mr. Scofield, Carl Welzer, Harold Beggs & David [illegible] last name, mascot.
Dates: circa 1912

Historical Group Photos, 1936

Identifier: U201.01.0090.0007.00001
Overview The image depicts the University of Denver's John Evans, George C. Manlo, Mrs. Jane Butchart Whyman, Toastmistress, Chancellor D. Shaw Duncan, T. A. Dines at the Denver Country Club for the Founders Day Dinner in 1936.
Dates: 1936

Members of Student's Association Commission, 1914

Identifier: U201.01.0413.00002
Overview The members of the Students' Association Commission pose for a portrait. The commission was instituted in 1910 to oversee the development and administration of student associations. Photo was published by the University of Denver class of 1914 in Kynewisbok, Vol. 16.
Dates: 1914

ROTC Parade in Downtown Denver, 1918

Identifier: U201.01.0120.0033.00003
Overview Dr. David Shaw Duncan (later University of Denver chancellor), Granville Johnson (professor of physical education), Earl Engle, and Reuben Borgeson march in an ROTC parade in downtown Denver, Colorado during World War I.
Dates: 1918